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Commercial Mediation

Our solicitors are accredited Commercial Mediators with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and have an in-depth understanding of the mediation process and how best to achieve your commercial objectives and desired outcomes.

We provide advice and assistance throughout the whole mediation process from the appointment of a Mediator and preparation of your Position Statement to the drafting and negotiation of the final Settlement Agreement. Throughout the whole mediation, we are focused on achieving the best possible result keeping in mind your best interests.

We assess the technical issues relating to each particular dispute and collate the necessary documentation to achieve your desired outcome during the whole mediation process.

Our experienced mediators assess at the outset whether a dispute is ready for mediation and guide you on the best way to achieve the most advantageous commercial result. Finally, we negotiate and draft a Settlement Agreement which meets your commercial objectives.

Examples of experience:

    • Acted as party advisor in relation to a mediation relating to various sites belonging to a timber-frame contractor
    • Acted as party advisors in relation to dispute relating to a waste recycling plant
    • Acted as a party advisor in relation to

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