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Mediation Services

Mediation can resolve disputes at a fraction of the costs of adjudication, litigation and arbitration. We believe clients should be getting on with the job of running their businesses, not wasting time and effort in conflicts which could easily be resolved through mediation.

We offer clients:

  • An effective process to resolve commercial conflicts whilst preserving important commercial relationships
  • A cost-effective alternative to arbitration or litigation
  • A process which is focused on helping parties achieve their commercial objectives
  • A process where the outcome is controlled by the parties
  • The opportunity to resolve disputes via an approach which is non-confrontational
  • A process which is flexible and private and only lasts on average one day
  • A process which can restore personal and professional relationships
  • A process which can help clients save time and money

We are also accredited as European Commercial Mediators with the AIA and are able to mediate commercial cross-border disputes.

Please feel free to call us and ask to speak to one of our commercial mediators to discuss the procedure and our competitive fee structure.

Examples of Experience:

  • Successfully mediated a dispute relating to some engineering works at various commercial sites in the UK
  • Successfully mediated a Final Account dispute relating to architectural works carried out in relation to roof structures

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